Which is Better: Fish Oil or Flax Oil?

Sushi, for the most part, means fish. And fish, to the nutritionally-minded individual, means omega-3 fatty acids. We all know how great omega-3 is for us; it lowers blood pressure, keeps your heart healthy, and may even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, with the rising popularity of vegetarianism and the occasional concern about fish, some people wonder if they should be seeking their omega-3 from flax oil pills instead. Our Akasaka Federal Way Japanese restaurant offers several reasons why you should continue to make fish a part of your diet, and only one of them is because of how great sushi tastes.

First of all, the omega-3 found in all fish is more efficient than that found in flax. Flax contains alpha-linolenic acids (ALA), which our bodies have to convert into the beneficial elements of omega-3. We don’t have to work as hard to make the best use out of fish oil. On top of this, there is a potential link between excess ALA and prostate cancer, so men in particular are recommended to choose fish over flax until more conclusive study can be done.

Until such a time, the American Heart Association advises that you eat fish at least twice a week. Sushi is as healthy as any other seafood dish, so why not make Akasaka part of your semi-weekly omega-3 diet? There’s never been a more delicious way to keep your heart beating right!