Is Sushi Safe?

As popular as sushi has become worldwide, there remains a good many people who are leery about the idea of ingesting uncooked fish. Sometimes this is for health concerns, sometimes this is a simple “squick” factor; our Federal Way Japanese restaurant has heard it all, and as such we have become quite good at reassuring the cautious sushi first-timer about the safety and merit of our food.

First off, it should be understood that “sushi” does not necessarily contain raw fish. Some rolls are cooked, including not only Westernized dishes like the California roll or the crunchy roll, but also the more traditional unagi (eel) and ebi (shrimp) sushi. Some selections may not contain seafood at all, like the cucumber roll or the tamago (egg) sushi. These are all options available to the novice who feels the need to “ease into” the sushi experience.

When you are ready to take the plunge into the raw fish territory, we can assure you that your experience will be a safe one. Sushi restaurants are held to high health standards, demanding the best in both our storage of fish and our selection of “sushi-grade” meat. You don’t get to last as long as we have if you make your customers sick, so come down to Akasaka to try your first sushi plate today!