Sake Was Good Enough for the Gods

Sake is a popular Japanese liquor that has withstood the test of time, and is available to you at our Japanese restaurant in Federal Way. Fermented rice undergoes an elaborate brewing process to produce an alcoholic drink that has remained popular for thousands of years since its ancient beginnings. In its earliest days, sake played a key role in Japan’s indigenous Shinto religion and was consumed during purification rituals. Sake sacrificed to the gods these ceremonies was referred to as Omiki or Miki, and those worthy to drink with the gods were said to achieve divine communication.

Today sake is still used ceremonially at New Year celebrations to cleanse any misfortune from the previous year. Traditionally this is a spiced medicinal sake called toso, a type of sake even children are allowed a sip of during holiday. Akasaka serves sake year-round, so bring some friends and enjoy this ancient cultural artifact at our Japanese restaurant in Federal Way!

The Delicacy of Sashimi

When you visit us at our Japanese restaurant in Seattle, you’ll see we offer sushi as well as sashimi dishes. Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy made with thinly-sliced raw (but fresh!) fish and meat, and it is traditionally eaten as a first course in reverence to its rich taste. That way the palate is clean and can fully appreciate the complexity of sashimi’s flavor. Many fish used in sushi make excellent sashimi; salmon, tuna, puffer fish, scallop, and shrimp are just some types of popular sashimi. What strikes the difference between sushi and sashimi is the rice: sushi is made with a vinegar rice and sashimi is simply garnished raw fish. Sashimi typically comes with fresh ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. The presentation is of particular importance, so sashimi is often arranged in special, entertaining ways.

We hope you come see us at our Japanese restaurant in Federal Way to experience this authentic delicacy! Just ask a staff member — we’d be happy to help you choose the best sashimi plate from our menu.

Wasabi and Sushi

If it’s your first time eating sushi at our Federal Way Japanese Restaurant, you may wonder about the green blob beside your sushi. Be careful — it’s wasabi, and while it is an essential part of many sushi-lovers’ culinary experience, it’s not for the faint of heart. Wasabi is a Japanese root that is mixed with horseradish, cabbages, and mustard to make a spicy green paste. Because wasabi loses flavor after just 15 minutes, Japanese restaurants mix the paste after the customer places his or her order. Wasabi can be dabbed directly onto your sushi or mixed into a dish of soy sauce. Either way, start with a small amount if you aren’t accustomed to its intensity. However, we encourage you to work your way up; wasabi, with its rich flavors, may come to bring your sushi newfound life!