Wasabi and Sushi

If it’s your first time eating sushi at our Federal Way Japanese Restaurant, you may wonder about the green blob beside your sushi. Be careful — it’s wasabi, and while it is an essential part of many sushi-lovers’ culinary experience, it’s not for the faint of heart. Wasabi is a Japanese root that is mixed with horseradish, cabbages, and mustard to make a spicy green paste. Because wasabi loses flavor after just 15 minutes, Japanese restaurants mix the paste after the customer places his or her order. Wasabi can be dabbed directly onto your sushi or mixed into a dish of soy sauce. Either way, start with a small amount if you aren’t accustomed to its intensity. However, we encourage you to work your way up; wasabi, with its rich flavors, may come to bring your sushi newfound life!