What About Udon?

Japanese wheat noodles, including the udon we offer at our Japanese restaurant in Federal Way, are a low-fat, high-energy, high-protein addition to any balanced diet. This is because they provide you with a healthy dose of carbohydrates at a moderate glycemic index, which means that they’re able to deliver long-lasting energy with a moderate effect on your blood sugar. Choosing carbohydrates with lower glycemic indices like this translates to a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and weight problems.

Udon is also well-known in Japan for its digestibility. Scientific tests have determined that the noodles dissolve considerably faster than other common pastas. This is due to the process by which udon is made: The kneading of the wheat flour mixes the proteins with the starch molecules to make them more available to the body’s digestive enzymes. This is why the dish is favored by people fighting the flu; as the noodle digests so easily, blood is not rushed to the stomach and is able to provide sustained energy and heat where it is needed throughout the body.